1000+ WKC

Intro: 支付宝15276687886先加支付宝, 崔永俊(深夜挂单直接拍付款就好,早上9-10点释放,也可打电话)

0.584 CNY/WKC
300-22222 CNY
Payment method
Bank Account Alipay Wechat pay
Time of payment
30 minutes
Notice of the transaction
  1. Please understand the transaction information before the transaction.
  2. Please communicate through PlayWKC and save the relevant records.
  3. If you encounter a transaction dispute, you can complain the trade.
  4. After you initiate a transaction request, WKC is locked in custody and protected by PlayWKC. If you are a buyer, after making a trade request, please pay through the payment method as specified and mark the transaction as payment completed. After the seller receives the payment, the WKC will be released automatically. Please read the Terms of Service and other helping documents such as FAQs and trading tutorial before trading.
  5. Please check the user's evaluation and related credit information, and pay attention to the risk of fraud.
  6. Hosting services will protect both buyer and seller. In the event of a dispute, we will evaluate all informations provided and release the managed WKC to its legal owner.
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